Targeted Offers For Discover Cards, Up To 3% Back On $2.5K Purchases

Discover sometimes offers targeted spending bonuses for some cardholders and they’re back again, as DoC reports. The catch is that you need to ask for these offers nowadays, as it’s not possible to check online anymore. To ask if you are targeted, you need to chat or call Discover and see if there’s any offers that can be added to your account. Looks like calling in will give you a better chance, and you should also point out that you’re looking for other available offers, besides the rotating 5% categories, or the Android Pay/Apple Pay promotions. If you still have the double cash back promo on your Discover It card, then these offers become much better.

Targeted Offers For Discover Cards

Here’s some of the best offers that people have received so far:

  • 0% APR for 12 months
  • 3% cashback for 6 months up to $1500.00 in purchases
  • 3% cashback for 6 months up to $2500.00 in purchases
  • 2% cashback for 12 months up to $7500.00 in purchases

Ask, and let me know if you receive any different offers.

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