T-Mobile, Add Free Line with Unlimited Talk/Text/Data (Starts 12/20)

T-Mobile Free Line

T-Mobile, Add Free Line with Unlimited Talk/Text/Data

Update 12/20/20: This great offer is back once again, starting today December 20, 2020. As usual, this offer is for customers on an eligible plan with at least 2 paid lines. Here’s a list of eligible SOC codes:

The promo is called “2020 Line On Us 4” and is fully stackable with “2020 Line On Us 3” promotion. Some instances where this promotion wouldn’t stack are the following (HT: SD):

  • iPhone 12 “on us” (2020 Apple Trade Activate P3)
  • BOGO iPhone (2020 Apple Buy 2 P11)
  • Free Galaxy A71 5G with new line (2020 Samsung Activate P12)
  • Free OnePlus 8/8T+ 5G with new line (2020 OnePlus Activate P5)
  • Costco BYOD promos
  • TFB-exclusive promos

T-Mobile will once again run a free line promotion, just like the one they recently had back in July. If you already have a T-Mobile account with at least two voice lines, you can add another line for free. You need to have one of these plans to qualify: Magenta, Essentials, ONE, or Simple Choice. You can only add one free line through this promotion that starts on November 25. It’s not clear how long the promotion will run.

This is a great opportunity to lock in a free line now, even if you don’t need it right away. Just hold on to the SIM card they send you and start using it later on. You are eligible even if you already have previous free line offers.  This free line promotion WILL NOT stack with the following phone promotions:

  • iPhone “On Us”
  • Free smartphone w/AAL
  • iPhone BOGO
  • $950 off iPhone 12 Pro
  • $99 Galaxy S20 FE

Will stack with other promotions though, including the $100 rebate mentioned below.

Offer Terms

  • Via monthly bill credits.
  • Limited time offer; subject to change.
  • Free new line for accounts with 2 to 11 voice lines; plus taxes & fees for accounts currently paying for a T‑Mobile wireless line with additional taxes & fees.
  • Qualifying credit and Magenta, Essentials, ONE, or Simple Choice plan required.
  • Credits may take up to 2 bill cycles; credits will stop if you cancel any lines.
  • Limit 1 offer per account.
  • Starts November 25, 2020.

$100 Rebate Promo

T-Mobile also has a $100 rebate promotion starting on November 25, 2020. All new lines ported in to T-Mobile will get a $100 rebate. More details will be released tomorrow when the promotion is launched, but it should stack with the free link promotion and can be used up to 4 times.

HT: r/tmobile

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5 thoughts on “T-Mobile, Add Free Line with Unlimited Talk/Text/Data (Starts 12/20)

  1. Has anyone with “T-Mobile One Military” plan had any luck with adding a free line? I tried it last promo they told me no problem got my 3rd line to find out fee months later I was being charged. I called to have it corrected to free but in the end was told the One Military plan does not qualify for the free line. Im thinking to try again for this promo but I may end up with same response.

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