Swagbucks, $13 Bonus If You Sign Up This Month

Swagbucks is a cashback shopping portal like many other, but you get points instead of plain cashback. You also have different opportunities to make extra SB by completing activities online. On top of that they usually have moneymaking offers that can be done in minutes. Points from Swagbucks are cashed out by buying gift cards, and sometimes they have promotions that will get you a value of 1+ cent per points.

Right now they there’s a $13 Swagbucks signup bonus for those who don’t have an account yet. The bonus comes in two parts:

  • Get 300 SB ($3) after you sign up and  earn 300 SB
  • Get 1,000 SB ($10) after you spend $25 through Swagbucks within 30 days of signup

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Swagbucks signup bonus

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