Fuel Points Can Be Used On Groceries at Stop & Shop, Giant and Martin’s

Fuel Points Can Be Used On Groceries at Stop & Shop, Giant and Martin’s

Stop & Shop, Giant and Martin’s have a great fuel rewards program. You can earn points for shopping at their supermarket locations and use them to save money on gas when you fill up at they fuel centers, or at select Shell locations. Earning fuel points gets really easy when they have promotions for Visa or Mastercard gift cards, where you can earn 2x or 3x points for every $1 you spend. You can even get free gas based on your location.

Now the rewards program has been updated. It’s called Go Rewards at Stop & Shop, Flexible Rewards at Giant Foods, Choice Rewards at Giant Food Stores, and Fuel Rewards at Martin’s. The update is a bit messy and some people are having issues getting the right information and contact information to transferred yo the new system. But the main point of the update is that now fuel points can also be used for grocery savings.

You can make purchase online or in-store and earn points for your purchases. You usually earn one point for every dollar you spend, but sometimes there’s increased earning during promotions for select items or gift cards. You can then redeem 100 points to save $1 off groceries or 10¢ off per gallon of gas.

The best use of points if still for gas. Let’s say you have 1,000 point. That would be a $10 discount if you use them for groceries, or $1 off per gallon if you use them for gas savings. Even with a regular car you can fill up with about 15 gallons at least so that would be a $15 discount. But you can actually use that $1 discount for up to 20 or 25 gallons depending on your location. So 1,000 points could potentially save you $20 or $25 if used for gas, compared to just $10 that you would save on groceries.

But this is still a nice option to have. Sometime people accumulate more points than they need and when the expiration date comes, it’s nice to have that option to use them for grocery discounts. Rewards discounts can’t be used for gift card purchases, but almost anything else should be allowed.


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