Stop & Shop Now Lets You Use Fuel Points for Grocery Savings (YMMV)

Stop & Shop is one of the restaurant chains that lets you earn fuel points for shopping at their stores. The fuel points can then be redeemed at local Shell gas stations for fuel savings. I often post gift card deals here that easily earn you lots of fuel points. But not everyone drives, and these points are useless if you don’t have a car or friends that can use your fuel points.

stop shop fuel points groceries

And that maybe is the thinking with Stop & Shop’s new pilot program. They have emailed some people to let them know that they can redeem their fuel points for grocery savings. The news was reported by Doctor of Credit and is only available to a some Stop & Shop customers that were notified directly.

While this new option is nice to have, if you can use the points for gas savings, that should still be the way to go. Based on the email that was sent, if you use fuel points for groceries, you save $1 for every 100 points. On the other hand, if you use points at Shell gas stations, you get a 10 cents discount per gallon for every 100 points. That’s for fill-ups up to 20 gallons and up to 30 gallons in some states. That means that you can save up to $2 or $3 with 100 points. But you have to take into consideration the price of Shell fuel which is usually higher from my experience.

Did anyone receive this option from Stop & Shop? Would you use the fuel points for grocery savings?

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