Staples Chase Offer: Save 30%, Up to $19

A new Staples Chase Offer can get you a discount of 30% on your next purchase, with maximum savings of $19.

Staples Chase Offer

Staples Chase Offer

Earn 30% back on your Staples purchase, with a $19.00 back maximum! Offer valid one time only. Expires 1/24/2019.

Offer Terms

  • Offer is available online and in-store.
  • Expires 1/24/2019.
  • Must add offer to card.
  • Statement credit will appear within 14 days.

Chase Offers

Chase Offers were recently added to Chase cards. The are similar to Amex Offers as they usually give you cashback when you use your eligible Chase credit card to shop at a participating store. You can see your offers in the Chase app. Just scroll all the way down after you log in. You need to have the latest update of the app to see the offers.

Chase Offers could be targeted to certain accounts, so not every offer will be available for everyone. It’s best to just add all the offers that you see listed.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

A pretty good offer from Chase. Saving 30% at Staples is pretty rare and the limit of $19 is much higher than what we have seen from similar Chase Offers. Check your Chase app to see if you have it and add it to your card. There’s also a 10% offer, up to $6 in savings that some people still have in their accounts. Not sure if they stack, but I think it should.

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