Southwest Says NO to Basic Economy and Baggage Fees

Most American carriers have now introduced Basic Economy to their ticket offerings. JetBlue is next in line to do so. That’s a bare bones ticket that really doesn’t guarantee you much else besides a seat on a plane. But it looks like Southwest will not be mimicking it’s competitors. They also do not plan to introduce any baggage fees, even as they’re looking for new revenue streams amidst increased costs.

southwest no basic economy bag fees

In a press conference, CEO Gary Kelly ruled out Basic Economy and denied any speculation that the airline will introduce bag fees for the first two checked bags, Skift reports.

“You’re not going to see basic economy from Southwest. That’s not what we do, and as I already said, we’re not going to charge for bag fees. We have, we think, better opportunities that fit our brand,” he said. “I love the fact that we’re different, and they unbundle and we don’t. And so we just need to continue to find ways with the universe of travelers and the varying needs that they have to see how we can stay true to our brand and offer something of more value to road warriors, to once-a-year flyers, whatever it might be.”

Southwest also doesn’t plan to introduce any new ancillary services, like its Early Bird Check-In or Business Select products, this year, but plans to introduce two in 2020, and will provide more information about them later this year.

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