JetBlue Will Introduce Its Own Version of ‘Basic Economy’

JetBlue announced today that it will soon offer its own version of a basic economy fare. The airline says that its “success is at risk” if it doesn’t match the discounted, no-extras tickets being sold by larger rivals.

JetBlue Basic Economy

The change will be part of a broader shakeup of JetBlue’s fare system that will debut next year, President Joanna Geraghty told airline employees in a message Friday. JetBlue’s version will retain services like free WiFi and a carry-on bag and personal item at no charge, she said.

The new lowest-price option will compete with basic economy fares offered by larger rivals and deep discounters including Spirit Airlines. Those tickets, which generally don’t allow changes, seat selection or early boarding, were created to appeal to passengers willing to sacrifice some services for cheaper tickets.

There’s no details details yet on the exact features or a brand name for the new basic economy ticket. Customers buying the lowest fare “will agree to some limits, which might include boarding order, seating and change/cancellation flexibility,”.


One thought on “JetBlue Will Introduce Its Own Version of ‘Basic Economy’

  1. Thanks for the (really sad) news. Bad enough when JetBlue went over to the dark side on baggage fees…. (leaving Southwest as the last remaining good guy) Hope JB doesn’t mess with the seats…. the decent above average legroom, even in coach. If they go with the Spirit knee-capping, elbow-cuffing model, I’ll likely flat never go out of my way again to fly JB. Thanks for the warning…. helped me say no to the recently improved JetBlue credit card. (ps, guessing JB didn’t see the industry news that some of the major carriers are now reversing their stupid attempts to emulate Spirit)

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