Sicily to Pay Half of Fare and Give Free Night to Visitors After Reopening

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Sicily to Pay Half of Fare and Give Free Night to Visitors

When travel resumes, you might want to think of Italy, and specifically Sicily, as one of your possible destinations. As Italy starts reopening, Sicily is looking for ways to attract tourists as it tries to recoup some of the lost revenue this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Frommers reports that the island has put aside €500 million (about $595 million) to pay for 50% of the cost of airfare for anyone who comes in the first few months that tourism returns. The fund will also pay for one out of every three hotel nights for visitors. The website says that there a form should go up at the Sicily tourism site for visitors to register for these refunds. Additionally, all entry fees to museums and historic sites will be waived during the same period. That will cost another €45 million to the island’s government.

Italy will start reopening in the next few days, and travel restrictions will ease up later in May. You probably won’t be able to travel to Sicily for quite some time though.

Italy Reopening Plan

  • Phase 1
    • April 14th, book stores and newspaper stalls were reopened and two days later industry and farming activity can resume.
  • Phase 2
    • May 4th, citizens will be able to move freely in the streets but are obliged to wear protective face masks and use gloves. They are also obliged to adhere to social distancing. On the same day, smaller clothing outlets will open with entrance restrictions but larger stores remain closed.
    • May 11th courts and offices set to reopen.
    • May 18th,  bars and restaurants set to reopen.
    • May 25th  hairdressers to open but only one client to be admitted per session.
    • May 31st Serie A to resume along with other team sports (all behind closed doors).
    • June 8th sports centres to open but only for individual sports (tennis, squash).
  • Phase 3
    • Secondary schools to open in September and elementary schools still awaiting a start date.
    • Cinemas and theaters set to reopen in December.
    • Discos and stadiums set to open their doors in March 2021

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