4 thoughts on “Santander Bank, $500 Business Checking Account Bonus (Targeted)

  1. Side note: I continue to use the Cap One 360 personal account to do DDs to personal accounts that I open with DD requirements. But I gotta say that it is just as easy to set them up and execute those DDs with Amalgamated and Quorum FCU (which I joined originally for the bonuses), AND the 360 account limits me to 3 external accounts whereas those other two seems to have no limit. And Cap One is arguably a pretty awful corporation, whereas those other two are pretty awesome. So I am going to drop 360 and make those others my primaries. In cast that is helpful to anyone…

    • Hmm good tip. That 3 limit is annoying at CO360 and that is what I use as well.

      I do have an Amalgamated account i’ll check it out.

      Quorum FCU was a hard pull?

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