[Expired] Santander Bank extra20 Checking $20 a month ($240 a year) bonus

I’ll just mention the Santander Bank offer again, since I just received my two $10 deposits for the month. It is a steady $20 a month that will bring in $240 a year, with an investment of just over $1500. That’s a 16% return.


I don’t make any commission on this, but it is a good deal worth mentioning more than once.

3 thoughts on “[Expired] Santander Bank extra20 Checking $20 a month ($240 a year) bonus

  1. I was just told by one of their reps today that the extra20 bonus program is being stopped and if true, will no longer be offered to new customers. Existing extra20 customers will be able to continue receiving the bonus. Their website still has the online signup available but not sure how long it will be that way, or even if it lets you complete it.

      • Yes, I had to cancel it because I needed to redirect the direct deposit to another place since Santander doesn’t allow ACH deposits as a direct deposit anymore. Was hoping that I could suspend the checking account for a couple months but they wouldn’t allow that and that’s when the rep told me about it ending.

        Maybe they’ll open it again since I think they’ve closed and opened it in the past.

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