Rolling Ebay Gift Cards, No Longer Allowed

DoC broke the bad news yesterday that eBay has pout a stop to gift card “rolling”. Rolling eBay gift cards is buying eBay gift cards with eBay gift cards. You could make money this way during sales where $100 eBay gift cards were sold for $95.


eBay always had a restriction in its gift card terms that read “The Gift Card also may not be used to buy other eBay Gift Cards”. But it never enforced it, until now.

However, they are still allowing the use of eBay Bucks to buy eBay gift cards, which is good news. eBay Bucks expire one month after being issued so being able to buy eBay gift cards, extends their lifetime, in case you don’t have anything to buy on eBay right away.

In case you’re wondering, I mentioned eBay 12 times in 7 sentences.


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