Revel to Launch Fleet of Blue Tesla Taxis in Manhattan Next Month

Revel Tesla NYC

Revel to Launch Fleet of Blue Tesla Taxis in Manhattan

Starting next month, New Yorkers will have a new way to travel around the city. Transportation company Revel has received the final approval from the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission for its fleet of blue Tesla taxis. Revel will launch the service with 50 electric cars. The service will first roll out across Manhattan next month.

The company will have 50 baby blue Tesla Model Y SUVs riding around the city on August 2. The futuristic new modes of transportation will exclusively pick-up and drop of passengers below 42nd St in Manhattan. The company’s fleet is much smaller than the nearly 80,000 vehicles authorized to drive for apps like Uber and Lyft. But unlike Uber and Lyft, Revel says it plans to employ its drivers instead of hiring contractors, NY Daily News reports. 

Currently, the company operates more than 3,000 electric mopeds across Manhattan and the other boroughs, that can be rented through its app.

Revel CEO Frank Reig said, “The initial response from the public has been overwhelming, and we can’t wait to start serving New Yorkers who care as much about the City’s future as we do. With our all-electric rideshare fleet and fast-charging Superhub network, we’re investing in a zero-carbon transportation future. We’d like to thank Commissioner Jarmoszuk and the TLC for supporting New York City’s climate goals, and working with us to get the city’s first all-electric, all-employee driven fleet on the road.”

If you don’t have the Revel app, you can sign up now to get a $10 credit toward your first ride (code MBGBTV). You can also get 10% back on moped rentals when you use the Point Debit Card. I’m not sure if that will apply to car rides as well.

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