Rakuten Offering 90% Back on LifeLock Subscriptions, Stack with $20 Chase Offer

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Rakuten Offering 90% Back LifeLock Subscriptions, Stack with $20 Chase Offer

Rakuten has increased its offer for new LifeLock subscription. You can currently get 90% cash back when you go through Rakuten to purchase a new LifeLock subscription, or 90x Membership Rewards points if you have a points account instead. There’s also a Chase Offer for $20 satement credit that can be stacked with the Rakuten cashback, which can make this a moneymaker or just a way to get cheap Membership Rewards points.


Earn 90% cash back or 90x Membership Rewards points when purchasing a LifeLock subscription through .Cash Back or bonus points will be automatically added to your Rakuten account right away.

LifeLock Offer

There are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Cash back is not available on free trials and automatic renewals.
  • Cash Back is not available when using coupons/promotional codes not found on Rakuten.
  • Cancelling a subscription within 60 days of sign up will void Cash Back.

The Math

You can buy the cheapest subscription and use a $20 cash back offer from Chase. The cheapest option is $99.99. That would earn you $90 cash back or 9,000 Membership Rewards through Rakuten. If you pay with an eligible Chase card, you will save $20 if you have the LifeLock Chase Offer that is available through 11/27/21. You would be buying points at a price of 0.89 cents each. You can redeem through Schwab for 1.1 cents or get even more value than that through travel partners.

Then there’s a second option. You can go for the most expensive subscription of $491.88. You would earn $442.69 or 44,269 Membership Rewards points. If you use a card like Blue Business Plus, you also get 2X per dollar you spend for an additional 984 points. That’s a total of 45,253 points. With this option you are buying points at 1.09 cents each. That’s not a great rate if you are just planning to cash out through Schwab.

Rakuten $40 Signup Bonus

Guru’s Wrap-up

We see sometimes a 100% cash back offer from Rakuten for these LifeLock subscriptions. With 90% cash back it can still make sense, but I would probably just wait until the better offer comes around.

If you don’t have a Rakuten account, then this is a good time to sign up as well. You can get a $40 signup bonus.



One thought on “Rakuten Offering 90% Back on LifeLock Subscriptions, Stack with $20 Chase Offer

  1. I just did this earlier this afternoon, and it has been nothing short of a disaster. When I got to the purchase screen the Rakuten 90% dropped to 80%. Not a huge deal, but then when you sign in to the link to activate the software you have to download a lot of Norton software, which instantly caused my computer to grind to a halt. Then I went into my Rakuten account to make sure I was getting credit for this, and neither the 80% or 90% ever tracked. After playing around with the Norton portal I gave up trying to make this work, but when you go to their chat service to cancel you get asked a lot of questions about why you want to cancel, followed up by a message that in order to cancel to have to call the phone number on the website because the chat agent doesn’t have access to customer accounts. But there isn’t a phone number posted listed on the Lifelock website. After three hours spent on trying to make this work I’ve realized that I have truly received what I’ve paid for – NOTHING. And I’ve made a not in my phone for next year’s Black Friday to remember to stay away from Lifelock

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