Earn 95x Amex Membership Rewards with LifeLock and Rakuten App

LifeLock Rakuten offer

LifeLock Offer: Earn 95x Amex Membership Rewards with Rakuten

The popular LifeLock offer from Rakuten is back. You can now earn 95x American Express Membership Rewards points or 95% cash back through the Rakuten app only. This is an easy way to add a big stash of points to your account, and it is a good deal depending on your valuation of these points. The cheapest LifeLock subscription costs $296.90.

To get in on this deal, you need to be a Rakuten member. If you don’t have an account you can sign up now. Get the app, and search for LifeLock and follow the easy prompts to sign up. Just make sure you see the 95x rate before proceeding.

The LifeLock’s “Ultimate Plus Plan” costs $296.90. That means that you would get $282.05 in cashback or 28,205 Membership Rewards points. There are more expensive plans as well, such as the “Ultimate Plus Plan for Family with Kids” that costs $491.88. That would earn you 46,728 Membership Rewards points.

If you run the numbers, this deal means that you’re purchasing points at 1.05 cents each. If you can cash out with Schwab for example, then you’re making a small profit. But American Express Membership Rewards points can be even more valuable when used through travel partners. And on top of that, you would be earning rewards with your credit card. That brings the cost closer a penny.

The terms of the Rakuten cashback state that you need to maintain the membership for at least 60 days. If you cancel after that, I don’t know if you receive a pro-rated refund. If you do, the deal becomes significantly more profitable.

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