Two Things to Know When You Product Change Citi Cards

Product changing a credit card is something that most people do in this hobby. There’s different reasons for product changing a card. It could be if you no longer need a card, but want to keep an account open for your age of accounts for your credit score. Or maybe to get a card that you don’t want to waste a hard pull on.

Product Change Citi Cards

With Citi there’s some good and bad things to keep in mind when you product change.

When you product change, charges that are still going to the old card, will be automatically transferred to the new card. That happens even though the card number changes. So if you have some recurring charges on the old card, you don’t have to worry about switching your payment method. But it can also backfire. You might have the old card on an account with recurring charges that you no longer want, and you might assume that they will not be able to bill you. So do not leave the old card as a payment method for recurring charges that you don’t wish to pay.

But while transfer of these charges is supposed to be an automatic process, there seems to be some limited human interaction in there, as reported on reddit. This means that it can bring attention to the charges on your card. If you have charges that you don’t really prefer having Citi take a look at, then refrain from those purchases if you think you might product change soon.

The person that reported this on reddit, was grilled about these charges by Citi. At the end of the day, the account was not shut down in the case, but it could be different for others.

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