PointCard Signup Bonus, Get $75 When You Spend $50 ($9.99 Monthly Fee)

PointCard Bonus of $150

PointCard Signup Bonus, Get $75 When You Spend $50

Update: The signup bonus is now only $75. You just need to sign up and spend $50 before April 27. But at least, instead of the annual fee of $99, you can just pay a monthly fee of $9.99.

PointCard is a debit card that has a $99 annual fee (or $9.99 per month). While that’s unheard of for a debit card, there are several reasons why it can be worth it. You often get spending bonuses. Then there are increased earning offers for several popular merchants such as Amazon, Walmart, Costco etc. And last but not least, there’s a signup bonus that takes care of the annual fee for the first year. Normally that bonus is $100, but it is now increased to $150 for a limited time. You can read more about the card here. Now let’s look at how this new bonus works.


  • Earn 15,000 bonus points (worth $150) when you spend $100 before April 5, 2022. Use Point right away with Virtual Card — pay online or in-store with Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • APPLY HERE (this could be for the first referral only, so if you don’t see the $150 bonus, you will only get $75)

Guru’s Wrap-up

With a $150 bonus, it’s definitely worth applying for the PointCard. You make $50 after paying for the annual fee, and you get increased earnings at select merchants, and spending bonuses from time to time. You can also invite friends to join and earn either $100, or $150 per referral.

There are actually two PointCards. The PointCard Neon is the debit card and the one that has the $99 annual fee. There’s no credit check for the debit card. Then there’s also a PointCard Titan, which is a credit card.

If you have a link that shows the $150 bonus, you can post it in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “PointCard Signup Bonus, Get $75 When You Spend $50 ($9.99 Monthly Fee)

    • Which offer did you sign up with? I had no issues when I signed up with a $100 bonus. I have also done several of their streak bonuses.

  1. I read on other sites that there’s only one $150 referral then they’re $100 after that. Is your link $150 for everyone? Thanks!

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