Point.me Review, A Useful Tool for Award Travel

Point.me Review

Point.me Review

The hobby of miles and points is all about earning them as cheap as possible and then redeeming them for maximum value, or just for free travel to your favorite destinations. But when it comes to redeeming miles, the process might be confusing, frustrating and time consuming.

Unless you’re booking award flights quite often with most programs, it’s hard to keep up with award pricing and know what program is best for a certain route. Then there’s the issue of actually finding award space. Luckily, there some tools to help you simplify this process. Booking awards is definitely not a fun experience for me at least.

One tool that has lately become the front runner is Point.me. This is a streamlined service that helps you find award availability, shows you prices, and lets you see all the options you have based on the point/miles currencies. In this Point.me review we’ll take a look at how it all works and whether this is something worth paying for.

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Before we get into this Point.me review and take a look at all the details, you can sign up now and check out the service for a full month for only $1 (instead of $12). If you love the service, you can continue to pay $12 per month or $129 per year. If not, then you can cancel anytime.

Here’s how to sign up for just $1:

  • Go to Point.me
  • Select the ‘Self-Serve’ plan
  • Toggle to ‘Monthly Standard Plan’
  • Create account and click Complete Payment
  • Enter code DANNYDEALGURU in ‘Add promo code’ field
  • You’re all set!

There’s a limited number of codes available, so sign up right away if you plan to do so. Promo code expires on 05/31/2023.

redeem promo code point.me

What is Point.me

Point.me promises to help travelers save time and money with self-search and concierge. The service let’s you search for flights across 30+ credit card and airline reward programs. and more than 150 airlines.

The aggregated search makes it easy to compare deals and make informed redemptions. The you get step-by-step guidance throughout the redemption process, so you don’t have to research programs you’re not familiar with.

How Point.me Works

Before you start searching for awards, it’s a good idea to add your credit card and airline programs where you currently have a point balance that you can use for award flights. You can add programs manually or sync with AwardWallet.

This let’s you search for awards that you can actually book. But you can toggle between all results and just results for your currencies.

You start the search by entering you departure and destination. You can choose the number of passengers, or the fare class you’re looking for.

The search process might take about half a minute, but it can take up to two minutes in some cases. However, you will start seeing results immediately. This is a search of live inventory from the loyalty programs listed, so a route listed, it means that there’s availability at that moment. You also get a cash price ach flight.

You can filter results by airline or loyalty program, number or stops and preferred travel times for your search. There’s also a toggle to show search results that match your credit card and airline loyalty programs if you have entered that information in your account already. You can sort results by:

  • Quickest Flights
  • Points Low to High
  • Points.me picks

Point.me then takes you through the steps of actually booking your award flights. The service can not access your accounts to actually book them for you.

But there are detailed screenshots that take you through every step, which makes it very easy to complete your bookings, even if you are e beginner at this. You can see what currencies you need to transfer, what programs you need to sign up for, and where to search for awards.

point.me review booking

Point.me Review search

Point.Me Cost

A review of Point.me is useless unless you know how much this service actually costs. 

As I mentioned above, you can sign up for Point.me for just $1 for a full month using promo code DANNYDEALGURU. But after that you will need to pay daily, monthly or annually. The code also works for $11 off an annual plan.

  • $5 Standard Plan for 24 hours
  • $12 Standard Plan for one month ($1 with promo code)
  • $129 Standard Plan for 12 months ($118 with promo code)
  • $260 Premium Plan for 12 months

They also have a concierge service where you interact one-on-one with a specialist to construct your dream trip. The concierge will search for the best flights that can be booked with your points and handle every step of the booking process. The concierges can also assist with ‘Mileage Run’ consulting to help you pursue and maintain elite status. This service comes with an extra cost.

You can visit the pricing page here. Point.me is also available for Bilt Rewards members with some limitations. You can sign up for the Bilt Rewards program here for free.

Point.me review beach vacation

Point.me Review: Guru’s Wrap-up

Point.me is a great tool in my opinion, especially if you are not an award travel fanatic that knows all details about every program.

The service has a lot of useful features and covers most loyalty programs and airlines. You can search for available reward flights, compare all your flight options and maximize the value of your points. You then get access step-by-step booking instructions to seamlessly purchase a reward flight. It can also track your points and miles balances in many of the most popular airline loyalty programs to show you the most relevant options.

The interface is user friendly so you will not get lost when you start searching. All the filters and sorting options make it easy to find what you are looking for. And if you need help, there’s a concierge service.

Whether is worth signup up or not, that depends on your travel needs. I think the monthly service is worth it for $12, when you know you need to book a few award flights. You will save time and probably points as well. And if you end up saving 10.000 or 15,000 points just once, then it makes it worthwhile for the whole year. But the good thing is that you can sign up now for just $1 for a full month, and then decide it this tool is something you need.


10 thoughts on “Point.me Review, A Useful Tool for Award Travel

  1. If I only have loyalty airline) points with one airline, Air Canada for example, do I have to sign up with Quantas and United and Emirates to see possible trips on those airlines? Or will it search all the airline loyalty programs and suggest starting an account with another carrier and transfer points to it?

    • You can check all options regardless of the points you have. Once you start booking, then point.me will tell you which accounts you need to have in order to complete that specific booking.

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