PayPal/eBay CC, Redeem Points For 1 Cent On All Gift Cards

Points earned with your PayPal/eBay credit card are not the most valuable out there. You earn 3x at Gas Stations and Restaurants and 2x at eBay and Paypal, but redemption is less than a cent a point. You’re usually able to redeem 6,000 points for a $50 gift card or cash back.

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Right now, there’s an offer that will let you redeem at 1 cent per point on all gift cards. Their selection includes lots of merchants, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc, so everyone should be able to find something worthwhile to cash out their points.

Offer is valid through March 31, 2017.


8 thoughts on “PayPal/eBay CC, Redeem Points For 1 Cent On All Gift Cards

  1. There’s lots of $5 GCs for 500 pts under Featured Rewards on PPEMC x6/30. Some of those I can remember are WM, Target, Lowe’s and other grocery stores. Avail of this great redemption value instead of 6000 pts for $50 redeemed as cash.

  2. check the site for new penny per pt FEATURED REWARDS exp 4/30. there are no WM and Target GCs this month, mostly restaurant and gas station GCs.

    overall, still a better value than the $50 for 6000 pts.

  3. Danny, check your email for a new offer from PPExtrasMC.

    I’m glad PPEMC/Synchrony is trying to compete with other CCs now. If ONLY they’ll increase the rewards cap to 100,000 pts, I’ll pay more attention to them…lol

    I have redeemed $200 worth of GCs from their featured reward that expires 3/31, I’ll report how quick/slow they send them.

  4. I found this and posted it on Doc’s site which Chuck made into an article. I just checked today and found something different. When you click on the Giftcards, there is a dropdown menu where the first entry is FEATURED REWARDS, click this and it will show all the ones that are 1 cent per pt and it includes Lowe’s, Target and Walmart physical GCs in a list of 100, if I’m not mistaken. I don’t know why they changed it because the first time I found it, amazon GCs, Jewel-Osco, Acme, Albertson’s GCs were also 1 cent per pt. Expiration of the featured rewards is 3/31/17.

    • Go to CC website. Scroll down and click Manage Rewards. Click gift cards and you should see options.

      I don;t see them at 1 cent a point any longer though. Looks like cost is back up to normal.

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