PayPal $50 Referral Bonus (Targeted)

PayPal is targeting some people with a referral offer. You can get $10 for every person that you refer. Here’s how the offer works:

  • Send 1 cent now to a friend who doesn’t have PayPal via their email address.
  • When your pal signs up to PayPal, links their bank account or card, and sends or spends at least $5, you can both get ten bucks!
  • Plus you can do this with 5 friends so you could get up to $50. Ends October 10th. Terms apply.

Guru’s Wrap-up

You must have received an email to qualify for this offer. It’s titled “You can get $50 by referring up to 5 friends”. Easy way to make some money if you can refer some people who don’t have PayPal accounts.

HT: Miles to Memories

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