NYC-Miami for $49 One-Way

You can fly from NYC to Miami for just $49 dollar when booking on Priceline. You can find a few dates available until April, with lots of flights available for $62 but with a few $49 options as well.

To book go to Priceline and search for flights from LGA to MIA on Monday through Thursday mostly, between February and early April. You can find cheap options for returning flights as well.

For best results, search for one seat one-way and then look to add more seat or find best option for return flight. Round trip flights were showing more expensive when I searched.

Here’s a sample of a $49 flight on April 12th with American Airline.   Travel  airline tickets  cheap flights  hotels  hotel rooms  rental cars  car rental

Obviously you won’t get the most convenient flying options with the $9 fares, but it’s a pretty good price. As mentioned above you can just pay $13 more for more options in case the cheaper flights don’t work for you.

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