NYC – Costa Rica, $193 Nonstop RT

There’s some amazing deals on fares to Liberia, Costa Rica right now if you’re looking for a vacation in the next few months. You can fly from NYC for just $193 in a round-trip non-stop flight.

There’s a few dates available and most flight will be through Delta or JetBlue. To check for dates that will work for you you can use ITA.

ITA NYC-Costa Rica 1.png

Here’s how to search ITA

Enter information

  • Departing from
  • Destination
  • Dates: Check “See calendar for lowest fares”
  • Approximate departing date
  • Enter range for length of stay
  • Choose nonstop flights only
  • Search

ITA NYC-Costa Rica 2.png

Hover over any of the lowest prices to select the preferred length of stays. Make sure you click one of the options that still show the lowest price.

Get the flight information and then go to a booking website such as Priceline or others to actually book the flight. Tickets cannot be purchased directly from ITA Software. You can also find the same price on the carriers own website. Here’s that same flight above on Priceline.

ITA NYC-Costa Rica 3.png

HT: airfare spot

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