No Credits This Year For “Small Business Saturday”

This is bad news. Looks like there will be no free stuff this year from Amex. On the FAQs page of Small Business Saturday it is clearly stated that there will be no statement credits this year. Many people have probably been adding cards to their Amex portfolio, so this is very disappointing.

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday was one of the great perks of carrying Amex cards. Hopefully there will be some nice Amex Offers around the same time to cheer up Amex cardholders.

Here’s the statement on the FAQs page

As in years past, American Express will continue to drive awareness of Small Business Saturday and encourage consumers to shop small through local and national advertising.

This year we are not offering a statement credit offer for Card Members on Small Business Saturday, but are instead increasing the support and resources we provide to help small business owners market the day within their communities and truly make it their own.

Small Business Saturday started in 2010 and is celebrated on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year’s Small Business Saturday is November 28th, 2015, but who cares anymore? In protest, I’ll be shopping at Big Businesses only on November 28th.

Let us know if this changes the value of Amex cards for you!

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8 thoughts on “No Credits This Year For “Small Business Saturday”

  1. I really like your blog and enjoy reading it, but saying you’ll be shopping at Big Businesses only on November 28th in protest is wrong. SBS was nice and I’m sad to see it go as well, but we’re not entitled to that free $10 stuff. There’s no reason to be mad at Amex over it.

    I suggest you all try to support local small businesses regardless, whenever possible.

    ps. 30 cards and 42 cards? how do you guys do it?

    • I agree-I’m a small business owner and the awareness that small business Saturday has brought to the community locally and even nationally is great for us. Please continue to support small business.

  2. I made a killing last year with 42 cards. some ppl got pissed when I asked them to split purchases with a bunch of amex cards

  3. This is bad and very surprising. I understand that they probably crunched the numbers and saw that it wasn’t worth it, but to just end it altogether is shocking. They could have modified it like they did in the past. Maybe offer $10 off $20 or something similar to avoid the possibility of just getting free stuff.

    I was ready with about 30 cards, but hey, something else will come along. This is the nature of MS.. Enjoy them while they last

  4. big let down. this was a big reason for getting amex cards. I just added 3 AUs each on 4 amex cards getting ready for SBS

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