Roundup: WOW Air is Back, Lyft Rentals, Invitation-Only Airline Clubs, Most Popular Destinations Etc

This is a list of news from around the web which I came across in the last few days. I found these articles interesting and somewhat related to the travel and deal content you regularly see here at Danny the Deal Guru. Sometimes just interesting and not related at all, but I hope you enjoy them just the same. If you come across any interesting articles, please send them my way.

news roundup

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Iceland’s WOW Air to resume flights with new owners

USAerospace Associates CEO Michele Ballarin told a news conference that the company would relaunch carrying the same name, and that its first flight would be between Dulles airport in Washington DC and Keflavik in Iceland next month. Read more here.

The Most Popular International Travel Destinations in All 50 States

These are the most popular international destinations based on where you live and ranked by popularity, based on data from Orbitz. Seems to be pretty accurate as Italy is the top destination for New Yorkers and I’m heading there in two days. Read more here.

Lyft’s newest service: Driving yourself

Lyft is trialling a car-rental service in California. The service, which works much like a traditional car-rental, is available in San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles. It also comes with a $40 credit to ride to and from the pickup location. Read more here.

The Hidden World of Invitation-Only Airline Clubs

Private invitation-only airport lounges behind unmarked doors, the lofty privileges and perks that come with “Very VIP status”.  Find out more about Chairman’s Lounge (Qantas), Diamond Plus and Diamond Invitation (Cathay Pacific) and Centurion (American Express). Read more here.

World’s best country to visit in 2019

With major travel draws such as Barcelona and its La Sagrada Família basilica, Madrid and its famous Prado art museum and the Costa del Sol with warm, inviting beaches, it’s easy to see why Spain is the global favorite. Read more here.

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