$10K for Flight Bump, €10 Venice Fee, Credit Card Lawsuit and More

news roundup

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News Roundup

This is a roundup of news and other interesting pieces that I’ve come across over the last few days. Delta passengers say they got $10K for being bumped off a flight, €10 entry fee for Venice, lawsuit against major credit card companies, Airbnb tent earns $28K per year and new $210 million transportation center at BDL.

Delta passengers offered $10,000 each to get off overbooked flight

Delta Airlines passengers said they were offered $10,000 each to voluntarily get off an overbooked flight this week — as the airline continued struggling with staffing shortages, cancellations and delays ahead of the busy Fourth of July weekend.

Jason Aten, a technology columnist at Inc. magazine, wrote that he was waiting for takeoff on board a Delta flight from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Minneapolis early Monday when a crew member announced over the plane’s PA system that the flight was “apparently oversold” and that the airline was looking for eight passengers to give up their seats in exchange for $10,000 each.

“If you have Apple Pay, you’ll even have the money right now,” Aten quoted the flight attendant as saying.

Venice reveals details of its €10 tourist entry fee

From January 16, 2023, visitors to Venice — that jewel in Italy’s tourism crown — will have to pay for the privilege. It’s set to become the first city in the world to require an entrance fee. The launch date was announced by Venice’s councilor for tourism, Simone Venturini, at a press conference on Friday. Venturini called the new measure a “great revolution,” and a solution for the overtourism problem that the lagoon city has been struggling with for decades.

Merchant lawsuit against Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover

If you are a merchant who incurred an unreimbursed EMV/chip Fraud Liability Shift chargeback on a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover credit or debit card transaction that occurred from October 1, 2015, to September 30, 2017, a pending class action lawsuit may affect your rights.

In this litigation, Plaintiffs assert that Defendants Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover violated antitrust laws by illegally acting in concert in shifting the liability for certain fraudulent charges to merchants when the card was enabled with EMV/chip technology and the merchant’s terminal was not. The Court has not yet decided who is right. The Court has decided this case should proceed as a class action lawsuit. 

Airbnb tent near a Hawaiian volcano earns $28,000 per year

She spent less than $300 on the tent and roughly $8,000 on amenities like a kitchen, an outdoor shower and a king-sized mattress. Now the property, which Hall says requires about 10-15 hours of work per week, earns her $28,000 per year in revenue, according to documents reviewed by CNBC Make It.

Hall’s tucked away glamping tent costs roughly $70 per night and is about 12 miles away from the heart of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

New $210 million transportation center at Bradley International Airport

Windsor Locks — Bradley International Airport soon will mark the end of time-wasting shuttle bus rides for travelers picking up rental cars, a significant milestone celebrated Thursday with the completion of the airport’s $210 million ground transportation center.

All the airport’s rental car companies — now scattered in and around Bradley — will be consolidated in two weeks at the transportation center, connected to the terminal by a skywalk.

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