IRS Backlog, Tiny Steak on $5K Flight, Maximize Credit Limit, and Are Cruises for Everyone?

news roundup

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News Roundup

This is a roundup of news and other interesting pieces that I’ve come across over the last few days. Read about why everyone should try cruises, safety lessons from dramatic landing in Miami, how to maximize credit limits, IRS backlog getting worse, small steak on a $5K business flight and Southwest pilots picket in Dallas.

Trust Me, You Love Cruises. You Just May Not Know It Yet!

I have never been on a cruiseship myself, but this article points out why you might actually love them. There are some valid points, but I don’t know if I’m convinced. Comments look pretty divided too, varying from “Hell NO!” to “Love Cruises”.

The Safety Lesson From Viral Videos Of Yesterday’s Dramatic Landing

On Tuesday Dominican low cost carrier Red Air had a landing gear collapse on arrival in Miami. The McDonnell Douglas MD-82 operating flight L5-203 from Santo Domingo with 126 people on board “came to a stand still off the runway with a fire developing at the right hand wing, where a fuel spill occurred.” Three people were hospitalized from minor injuries during the evacuation.

How To Maximize Your Credit Limits With Each Card Issuer

Sometime it’s useful to have a really large credit limit on a single credit card (whether it be for a large purchase or a one off manufactured spending opportunity). Doctor of Credit has a full list of issuers and tips on how to maximize your credit limit with each of them.

IRS Is Falling Further Behind on Tax-Return Backlog

Internal Revenue Service faces daunting mathematical and logistical challenges in its attempt to largely eliminate its tax-return backlog by the end of 2022, an agency watchdog said Wednesday.

The backlog of unprocessed paper tax returns was 21.3 million at the end of May, up 1.3 million from a year earlier, according to Erin Collins, the national taxpayer advocate, who runs an independent taxpayer-service operation within the IRS. Agency officials have said they aimed to return the backlog to a “healthy” level in the next six months.

Credit card-sized steak served as inflight meal on $5K business-class trip

After taking a Korean Air business class flight to South Korea from Hawaii, a passenger shared a photo of his underwhelming inflight meal which had a steak the size of a credit card.

The South Korean man reportedly spent 6.48 million won (approximately $5,016) on a business class flight, as it was his first time traveling in two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking forward to the inflight service, the man was taken aback when he saw his underwhelming meal.

More than 1,300 Southwest Airlines pilots march on picket line

More than 1,300 Southwest Airlines pilots stood on a picket line Tuesday in Dallas, sounding off about what they say are unfair working conditions and inadequate pay, according to the pilots’ union.

“The Pilots of Southwest have been in contract negotiations with the company for more two years with no meaningful movement toward a new contract,” the union said in a statement.

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