Newegg Amex Offer, Save $10 On $75+ Purchases (Targeted)

There’s a great new Newegg Amex Offer out today but sadly it is highly targeted. If you were able to get it on any cards, you can get a discount of 13.3% on Newegg purchases.

Newegg Amex Offer

Newegg Amex Offer

Get a one-time $10 statement credit by (or 1,000 Membership Rewards points) using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $75+ in one or more transactions online at by 12/31/2017.

Offer Terms

  • Valid online only.
  • Includes purchases via merchant mobile app.
  • Valid only on US website.
  • Excludes Newegg Business and Nutrend Automotive.

Amex Offers

Amex Offers are a great extra perk on all American Express credit cards, charge cards, and even prepaid cards. You can see these offers in your account online and you will usually get a statement credit or earn extra MR points for spending a certain amount at a specific merchant.

You will need to add the offer to a specific card, and then use that card to get the credit. To add offers to a card, log into your account online, scroll down to the “Amex Offers & Benefits” section and click “Add to Card” for offers that you plan to use. The new interface usually has issues so if you prefer the old one, you can log in here.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This is a highly targeted offer so check your accounts to see if you have it. Newegg sells a lot of stuff, third party and Visa gift cards included. They also often have gift card deals, so I would personally wait for one of those, if you have no purchases planned at their site.

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