$30M Expansion Coming to “New York International” Airport

Stewart International Airport, a secondary airport about 70 miles north of Midtown Manhattan, in Orange County, New York. It will soon undergo a total transformation and a name change. There will be a $30M US Customs inspection area, dedicated to handling the increasing number of international passengers at the airport. The expansion will add nearly 20,000ft² of space to the existing terminal, while improving travelers’ experience by allowing concurrent domestic and international flight arrivals. The new federal inspection area will provide capacity to screen up to 400 international passengers per hour.

New York International Airport

Currently, Stewart lacks a dedicated area to process passengers from international flights, which are handled by using a moveable wall to section off part of the terminal. This creates an inconvenience for domestic passengers using the terminal at the same time.

Other future enhancements include a parking garage with a solar panel roof covering 450 spaces. The green initiative will create 1.9MW of power that will be used to offset energy costs at the expanded terminal.

As for the new name, nothing is finalized yet. But the new name is expected to be New York International at Stewart Field. With this new name they are attempting to make the airport a more obvious option for those visiting New York. The name will likely be shortened to New York International Airport. Those who are not familiar with the area might fall for it. The airport is over an hour away at best, which is not terrible, but not the best option.

Passenger volumes at the Hudson Valley airport rose 62% year-on-year, having served 450,000 passengers in 2017, including 141,000 international fliers. This was up from 275,000 passengers in 2016. That’s mainly thanks to Norwegian Air which started offering flights to several European cities from Stewart International Airport.

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