Lufthansa Planning to Switch to Dynamic Award Pricing

Lufthansa is planing to move its loyalty program to dynamic award pricing. The news was revealed by executives yesterday at a press briefing today in Miami. No timetable for any announcements was given. However, when asked about the possibility, Frank Naeve, vice president sales, the Americas said, “Certainly that’s the direction we are going.” That doesn’t sound like a plan is in place yet, but judging for similar moves by other airlines, it’s very possible to see dynamic pricing for Lufthansa as well.

Lufthansa Planning to Switch to Dynamic Award Pricing

Delta Air Line has long had dynamic pricing. United is planning to do the same. Hawaiian Airlines is somewhere in between. And American Airlines is also planning to switch to the same model.

He said the move will “reflect the demand situation on a given flight” and described it as “something that’s adding value,” as per Forbes.

The added value of dynamic pricing comes with mileage redemption for low demand flights. But that’s not really the goal of most frequent fliers. Plus, without knowing the exact price of a flight, it makes it harder to plan ahead.

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