Lufthansa’s Eurowings To Add Transatlantic Flights

Low cost travel between Europe and the Americas has been heating up for a while now.

Norwegian Air and WOW Air are offering prices we never imagines before. IAG, the company that owns British Airways, launched the new “low cost longhaul airline brand” Level earlier this month to initially operate out of Barcelona to LA, Oakland, Buenos Aires and Punta Cana with prices as low as $211 round-trip. Air France-KLM Group is also setting up Boost after revealing that its French mainline division is losing money on 35 percent of its routes.


Now Lufthansa is looking to jump in as well. Skift reports that they are planning to add long-distance airplanes to its low-cost Eurowings division. Eurowings already flies one U.S. route, three times per week (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays) from Cologne to Miami, as well as some Caribbean routes, including Cuba and the Dominican Republic. They’ve already announced possible new U.S. destinations, including Orlando, Las Vegas and Seattle, although they have been pushed back.

“We need aircraft beyond the seven we have,” said Lufthansa Chief Executive Officer Carsten Spohr, referring to the Airbus A330s based in Cologne that Eurowings uses for inter-continental leisure flights.

Long-haul traffic has been dominated by wide-body jets such as the Airbus’s A330, but new single-aisle jets with longer ranges are making it easier for carriers to reduce costs on less-traveled routes across the Atlantic and Asia. Thanks to this, and lots of competition, we’re seeing cheaper prices everyday.

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