Lowe’s Chase Offer: Save 10%, up to $12 and 5X (YMMV)

A new Lowe’s Chase Offer can get you a $12 discount. The same offer could be available at other back such as Bank of America, Suntrust etc.

Lowe’s Chase Offer

Lowe’s Chase Offer

Earn 10% back on your Lowe’s purchase, with a $12.00 back maximum! Offer expires 7/19/2019.

Offer Terms

  • Payment must be made on or before offer expiration date.
  • Offer valid one time only.
  • Offer expires 7/19/2019.
  • Offer not valid on third-party purchases.

What Are Chase Offers?

Chase Offers were recently added to Chase cards. The are similar to Amex Offers as they usually give you cashback when you use your eligible Chase credit card to shop at a participating store. You can see your offers in the Chase app or online if you received a link by email.

Chase Offers could be targeted to certain accounts, so not every offer will be available for everyone. It’s best to just add all the offers that you see listed. Usually the same offers will also show up in Bank of America, Suntrust and BB&T account.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

A pretty good offer from Chase that can also be stacked with 5x earning from Chase Freedom card. Check your accounts to see if you have it. Lowe’s sells lots of third party gift cards, so it should come in handy to most people.



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