Lots Of Gift Cards on Sale on eBay, Combine With 8X eBay Bucks

Ebay has lots of gift cards for sale and this sale is greatly timed for those who were targeted with the 4X eBay Bucks deal.


Combine the eBay Bucks with cash back portals and credit card points (Ink earns 5x at PayPal Digital Gifts on eBay) and you will find some nice deals for some merchants and even a few moneymakers. 

Right now the best cash back offer is from InboxDollars at 5% cash back but InboxDollars is not one of the biggest cash back portals so we still don’t know how good they are at tracking and paying out.

The American Airlines AAdvantage shopping portal is offering 3 miles per dollar spent.

Available gift cards (Moneymakers in bold)

7 thoughts on “Lots Of Gift Cards on Sale on eBay, Combine With 8X eBay Bucks

  1. Thanks. Does this also apply to transfers from paypal to bluebird? If not, will there be anyone problems if I were to open a second PayPal account with the same name and address and leave the balance zero so that I can use a credit card to make purchases?

  2. How do I pay for eBay items with a credit card when payment is made through PayPal? I thought PayPal only allows payment using bank accounts? Thanks.

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