List of Class Action Settlement Rebates Expiring This Month

List of Class Action Settlement Rebates Expiring This Month

Here you will find a list of class action settlements that will expire this month. Please read each settlement article carefully to see if you are eligible. Some settlements may require proof of purchase, and often eligible purchases have occurred years ago. In those cases you could use credit card statements as proof, or even better if you still happen to have emails or physical receipts. Also some settlements might apply to certain states like the Muscle Milk one listed below.

These are settlements that will expire this month, so it is a reminder to take a look and see if you are eligible for any of them.

9/18/2020 NastyGal Nationwide $35.00 No Details
9/12/2020 Muscle Milk MI $25.00 No Details
9/12/2020 IHG Nationwide $250.00 Yes Details
9/11/2020 Roundup Weed Killer Nationwide $90.00 No Details

For the following settlements, you have more time to file claims, but you can still take a look and check if you are owed any money.

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12/31/2021 Whirlpool Refrigerators Nationwide $150.00 Yes Details
12/13/2020 Cuisinart Nationwide $15.00 Yes Details
11/20/2020 Powerbeats Nationwide $189.00 No Details
10/8/2020 Google+ Nationwide $12.00 Yes Details
10/7/2020 Califia Farms Nationwide $5/$15 No Details
10/6/2020 Apple iPhone Nationwide $25.00 No Details
10/5/2020 Ford Focus/Fiesta Nationwide $2,325.00 Yes Details
10/4/2020 Swisher Sweets Cigars Nationwide $5 coupon No Details

4 thoughts on “List of Class Action Settlement Rebates Expiring This Month

  1. To he honest, I do not feel it is very smart to get involved. Why? When you apply for a claim, opt-out, etc, you are asked for personal details such as name, address, phone, etc If you value your privacy, then why take such a risk in exchange for a promise of a petty settlement?

    • If a company owes you money, then giving them your name, address and maybe phone number seems reasonable. They need some kind of information to send payments. Sometimes payouts are $100+ and even more for those who incur costs.
      If you think payout will be just a dollar or two, it might not be worth it. But you never know exactly how much it will be and if not many eligible class members file claims, you can end up with a bigger check.

  2. You are just encouraging the ambulance chasers by publishing this info. I’ve been included in more class actions than I can count based on owning a stock or a specific product. I don’t follow up since I don’t feel the minimal amount paid is worth my time and I don’t want to encourage the ambulance chasers who are really the only ones that benefit from these suits.

    • I think there are plenty of these settlement worth following up. Yes, many of them end up being just a couple of dollars, but there are also others that end up in a $100+ check.

      Many people who are eligible never find out out about settlements they are eligible for. So hopefully this helps them.

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