Las Vegas Timeshare Offer from Marriott Vacation Club

Las Vegas Timeshare Offer

Las Vegas Timeshare Offer from Marriott Vacation Club

Timeshare presentation offers are a good way to get a cheap vacations in places like Orlando, Las Vegas, NYC and more. Companies will give you discounted stays or bonus points if you are willing to listen to a 90 minutes or 2 hours pitch for a timeshare purchase. Last week I received one of these offer by mail for a timeshare presentation from Marriott Vacation Club. This is a targeted offer that comes with a unique invitation code.


You are invited to take advantage of a relaxing resort stay in spectacular Las Vegas. This exclusive package includes:

As part of your vacation package, your attendance at a 90-minute timeshare sales presentation is required. Must book by calling 866-577-0413 and provide preferred invitation number that was included in the mailer. You could also try calling if you are not targeted and see if they can extend you a similar offer.

Guru’s Wrap-up

These timeshare presentation offers are a good opportunity for a cheap vacation. This offer is not one of the best we have seen as far as timeshare offers go. There are no bonus points, but you do get a cheap stay in Las Vegas. Rates for this property are around $200 a night for September for example, and you are paying just $199 with this offer for a 3 nights stay.

As part of the offer, you must attend a 90-minute timeshare sales presentation. You just need to make sure that you know what are getting into. Timeshares are not a good investment in my opinion but do your your own research and decide for yourself. You do not have to commit to anything as part of the offer. All you have to do is listen to their presentation for at least 90 minutes.

Let me know if you have taken advantage of these timeshare offers in the past and if you have any tips for others who might be doing this for the first time.

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