Landry’s 60 Restaurants Chains Affected by Data Breach

Landry's Data Breach

Landry’s 60 Restaurants Chains Affected by Data Breach

Many people might not be familiar with Landry’s, but they own 60-plus restaurant chains so it is possible that you have dined at one of their many locations. They own brands like Bubba Gump, Joe’s Crab Shack, Morton’s steakhouses and many more that can be found here. The company has issued a warning after it was discovered that a 2019 data breach may have compromised customers’ credit card information.

The security breach may have affected customers who paid with credit cards at its restaurants between March 13, 2019 and Oct. 17, 2019. A smaller group of restaurant locations may have also been comprised as early as January 2018.

Landry’s says the number of consumers who were affected is likely relatively low since the breach happened as a result of human error. According to the company, the credit cards involved were “mistakenly swiped” in “rare circumstances” when waitstaff swiped cards on the wrong payment devices. All of the chain’s point-of-sale terminals were outfitted with the secure technology at the time of the hack, but the terminals for bar and kitchen orders did not have the same security system.

If you recently dined or think you might have done so, at one of Landry’s hundreds of restaurant locations, you should check for unusual activity and continue to keep an eye on your credit card statements. The breach is still being investigated. Landry’s has since “removed malware,” added additional security and provided more training for its employees who operate point-of-sale terminals.

You can read the full statement here.

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