EasyJet Reveals Data Breach That Affects 9 Million Customers

EasyJet data breach

EasyJet Reveals Data Breach That Affects 9 Million Customers

EasyJet, U.K.’s largest airline, has revealed that it suffered a data breach and hackers have accessed travel details of 9 million customers. The budget airline said 2,200 customers also had their credit card details accessed in the breach. Passport records were not accessed.

EasyJet did not give details on how attackers gained access to customers’ details but reports that it has closed off the unauthorized access and reported the breach.

EasyJet has already contacted customers whose credit card information was accessed to warn them to be extra vigilant about the possibility of phishing attempts. Other customers affected will be contacted by no later than the 26th of May. This is one of the largest security breaches to have affected a UK company and could leave EasyJet open to heavy fines at a time when airlines are already under severe financial pressure.

A similar security breach in 2018 resulted in a fine of GBP183 million ($224M) for British Airways.

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