A New Elaborate Kroger Visa Gift Card Scam

Yesterday in my news roundup I included a link to Miles to Memories. It was an article regarding possible fraud on Visa gift cards purchased at Kroger. We hear stories like these from time to time, and we usually see one of the common reasons for the issue. But this particular case seems crazier that other scam methods we have come across in the past.

Kroger Visa Gift Card Scam

A follow up post at Miles to Memories details the elaborate scheme that’s being used.

Just to recap the issue, it has to do with Visa gift cards that he purchased at Kroger during the 4x points promotion. The person who purchased them, found out that the cards were zeroed out as soon as he got home. He called the Visa gift card providers they said the cards were never activated. And obviously they suggested an easy fix. Go back to Kroger and get a refund since the cards were never activated.

Kroger Visa Gift Card Scam

But the strange thing is that the receipts showed that the Visa credit cards were indeed activated. So how can that be? Well, that why this scheme is crazy. The scammers are somehow opening the packages and covering the activation barcode of the gift cards with one that they printed themselves. So when the pull tab is removed they scan this paper bar code that was added by the scammers, instead the gift cards own barcode. That activates a card the scammers have in their possession. The barcode probably correlates to  cards that were just taken off the rack and were never activated or paid for. So the legitimate buyer in this case takes home an unactivated Visa gift card.

How to Protect Yourself

The best way to avoid these type of scams is to inspect the cards before paying for them. In this case the packaging seems legit somehow. So rip it open and check the barcode. Miles to Memories suggests that you should “run your finger along the bar code.  If it is plastic feeling with bumps you should be good.  If it feels like paper then take it to the service desk and alert management.”

Guru’s Wrap-up

This Kroger Visa gift card scam is very suspicious. I don’t see how they’re able to open the packaging and places a new barcode without leaving any traces. The worst part of this scam is that you’ll be stuck in the middle between the issuer and Kroger, as neither will be willing to take the blame.

Let me know if you’ve come across any similar issues. i don’t have any Kroger stores around me, so I don’t have any experience with them.

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7 thoughts on “A New Elaborate Kroger Visa Gift Card Scam

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  2. Wait.. how can they own the packaging place a sticker and then close it again without it looking messed up? It has to be someone from the inside.
    I have not come across issues like this but will definitely keep my eyes open.

  3. I’ve been scammed by this exact thing, and are currently trapped between the card issuer and the Kroger Store at 4747 Research Forest Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77381. It was just 1 of the 10 $100 vgcs I bought at the tore on 8th May. Only now do I see the amatuerish card with a new bar code that was placed in front of the bar codes of the card that was inside. I was fortunate that I even had teh original packaging. I remember the very unusual glue that was difficult to remove from the plastic card inside should also have told me something was wrong. I’ll be back at teh Kroger store again Monday to discuss with Manager.

    • I went Kroger in Atlanta and purchased a $300 gift card. That was 6 week ago and Kroger will not help me. The gift company is the worst!!!! I have faxed documentation to them 3 times with no help. I will never shop Kroger again….

    • I purchased a $100 gift card in a Kroger in Austell GA, took it to Germantown, MD and gave it to my daughter for her 16th birthday, only for the card to be declined. The card was perfectly sealed. When I checked the card, it was used yesterday 04/02/22, Reference 4445900003205
      Amount used: $93.88 at 5:56 am
      Walmart Supercenter #320 770-819-1123 GA US, Terminal 09205978.
      I believe it was an inside job. Workers at Kroger are facilitating the scheme for a fee or doing it for their boy/girlfriends or family members. The Police needs to be brought it to investigate these crimes though I know they’ll say that they have bigger crimes to fight. Kroger should stop selling those cards.

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