JetBlue to Only Allow Dogs, Cats and Mini Horses as Emotional Support Animals

JetBlue Airways has made some changes to its emotional support animals policy. They will start requiring for more documentation about the animal’s health and behavior, citing “health and safety risks” from an onslaught of untrained animals in its cabins. Stricter emotional support animal rules have been introduced by other carriers as well this year.

jetblue Emotional Support Animals

Starting July 1, the new JetBlue Emotional Support Animals rules will require passengers traveling with such animals to notify the airline 48 hours in advance. They need to provide a medical or mental health form from the doctor who prescribes the animal and another from a veterinarian stating the animal’s “fitness to fly” and vaccination records. JetBlue will also require passengers to sign a document that states the animal can behave in public and that the owner accepts responsibility for injuries or property damage.

JetBlue Airways is also limiting the types of animals it will accept. It states that only emotional support dogs, cats or miniature horses, will be allowed. Its previous policy only prohibited some animals such as hedgehogs, sugar gliders, insects and ferrets.

One thought on “JetBlue to Only Allow Dogs, Cats and Mini Horses as Emotional Support Animals

  1. I’ve long wondered about my rights as a passenger, for my well-being, if I find myself trapped next to a passenger with a certain breed of dog … that terrifies me. (and yes, I’ve read of the accounts of dogs that “snap” the faces off of passengers seated next to them….) Ordinarily, I can like dogs — but in an enclosed space, where “sensitive” dogs can well sense when people around them are “sensitive” (e.g., terrified), “misunderstandings” are bound to arise…. (even with the best mannered people/animals) As such, do we as passengers have a right to refuse to sit next to a “comfort” animal that is of anything but “comfort” to us? If we don’t have any rights, can we deplane and be compensated? Or is this going to turn into a civil rights for pit-bulls moment?

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