In-Flight Wi-Fi Will Generate $30 Billion For Airlines By 2035

Each airline passenger will be worth $4 more per flight to carriers once they’re able to offer uninterrupted broadband services. That’s because internet is one of the most common options for entertainment and when you’re sitting down in a long flights, you will most likely pay a few bucks to entertain yourself, check emails, get some work done etc.


Bloomberg writes that according to a study commissioned by satellite-communications provider Inmarsat Plc, in-flight connectivity should generate $30 billion for airlines by 2035 out of an overall market of $130 billion including technology providers and related companies, the report compiled by the London School of Economics says. Revenue will flow from four main sources: access charges, online shopping, advertising and premium content such as on-demand video.

The coming of in-flight broadband will open up a new stream of non-ticket or ancillary revenue for the industry, adding to the $17 per passenger per flight that airlines already squeeze out of charges for items such as checked baggage, priority boarding, food and drink and duty-free sales.

But you don’t always have to pay for internet while flying. One easy way to get free internet, is to fly JetBlue. The New York City-based airline starting offering free gate-to-gate internet at the end of 2013 on one aircraft, and expanded the service to its entire U.S. continental fleet early this year.

Then there’s a few credit cards that give you free Gogo passes. The Amex Business Platinum Card offers 10 free Gogo passes annually. U.S. Bank Flexperks Travel Rewards  card will give you 12 annual passes. City National Bank Crystal Visa Infinite also gives cardmembers 12 free Gogo passes.

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