In-Depth Guide to Saving Money at Walmart 

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer. They’re all about offering the absolute lowest prices for their massive inventory. Because low prices are their top priority, even their regular prices are pretty affordable. This makes them a popular destination for people who don’t necessarily want to do a whole lot of extra work to get a good deal, but you can get even better deals if you are willing to put in a little extra effort.


Savings Catcher is one of Walmart’s best savings opportunities. It began in August of 2014 and uses proprietary software to compare local prices to the price you paid on your receipt, finding prices that were lower elsewhere, and paying you back the difference in an e-gift card. You can use the Walmart app for this or just do it online. In the app, click “savings catcher” and scan your receipt. The comparison tool runs, then you’re notified in a few days if you’re eligible for a refund. You can redeem it instantly or let it grow. If you’d rather use the website, visit the savings catcher page, click “try it now,” enter the receipt number and date, then click go. It works the same way from there.

There are quite a few exclusions, including bakery / deli goods, meats priced by weight, produce, seafood, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, gas, tires, optical products, photo products and services and prescription drugs. It doesn’t take manufacturer coupons into account, either.

Walmart also offers an amazing price match system, but it requires a little more effort from the customer than the Savings Catcher does. It is very easy to do, though. Their policy is that if an identical item is advertised for a better price, Walmart will match it. You don’t even need to prove it usually, unless the competitor price was more than 25% better. Keep in mind that they can request verification if they want, though, so don’t just make things up. The price match applies to sale items and BOGO items when they list specific prices. It even includes sale prices advertised with a preferred card.

To qualify for price match, the product does have to be the same unit of measurement. There are limitations, though. It doesn’t include going out of business sales, closeout prices, percent off entire category discounts, competitor private labels, or different sizes, brands, colors or quantities. It does, however, include Amazon, TigerDirect and NewEgg. It can be very advantageous to check Amazon while you’re shopping to find some price matches.

Walmart does accept manufacturer coupons, and they have a very liberal coupon policy. They accept online printable coupons, traditional manufacturer coupons, competitor coupons and Catalina coupons. You can stack coupons on top of sales, and they’ll actually give you the difference back if your coupons exceed the price of the item. This is called a moneymaker, and it’s very rare that a store will actually give you back the difference. Walmart will even let you use multiple identical coupons for multiples of the same item. With four or more, it needs to be verified by a supervisor, but it’s still allowed. The store does have the right to limit these, though, so don’t take advantage of their kindness.

Walmart offers a value of the day section on their website, which includes clearance items, rollbacks, special buys and two featured items per day. It’s good to monitor in case you’re looking for a great deal on a specific item, but it is extremely random since their inventory is so huge and varied, so it’s not super likely that the one thing you had your eye on will be featured. There might be a minion bedspread one day, and then a rake the next. These featured items are on significant discounts of sometimes 50 percent or more. The clearance sales offer really great prices because they’re items Walmart is trying to get rid of. The rollbacks and special buys are a little more hit or miss, though, so be sure to research those to see whether they’re really a good deal or not. When you’re shopping online at Walmart, remember that all orders of $35 or more ship free, and you can also pick up Value of the Day items in store.

Another way to save at Walmart is by shopping with gift cards bought at SaveYa is a site that offers discounted gift cards for tons of stores. Walmart gift cards have a 2.6 percent discount on SaveYa. Although that doesn’t sound like a whole lot, it’s 2.6 percent off for little to no effort, so if it’s somewhere you shop a lot, you might as well shop with a gift card.

Also keep in mind that some portals offers cash back. Discover Deals is one of them, offering 5% cash back as Tyler mentioned in the comments below. Other cash back portals like TopCashBack will pay 6% cash back for Apparel, Baby, Home and Toys.

Ibotta is an app that can give you rebates after you’re done shopping. They have over 200 rebates available for items at Walmart such as 20 cents back for any type of bread or bananas, or $5 for a pack of Crest 3D Whitestrips. You just take a picture of your receipts and you’ll get cash back for eligible items.

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  1. Don’t forget another way to save is using the Discover 5% cash-back online portal. I’ve used this successfully for several items. Shop online then either pickup or ship/ to home.

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