BOOK NOW! IHG PointBreaks Hotels List Starting From 5K Points A Night Till 4/31

IHG has published the new  PointBreaks list for bookings and stays through April 31, 2018. This is one of the best deals around for award stays. You only need as little as 5,000 IHG Rewards Points per night on every hotel on the PointBreaks list so if you find any properties of interest, this could be of great value. However, now there’s also 10K, 15K and Cash+Points options as well.

IHG PointBreaks Hotels

Each member is limited to two bookings per property during the promotional period, but the number of nights per reservation is not limited.

List of Hotels

Here’s some of the better properties available:

Guru’s Wrap-Up

One great thing about IHG points is that you can usually get them for less that 0.6 cent each or even about half a cent, either by buying points, or by booking Points+Cash stays. That will make the cost per night only about $25 for the 5K stays. That’s pretty cheap.

Book as quickly as possible as there’s a limited number of rooms available at the Point Breaks rate.

5 thoughts on “BOOK NOW! IHG PointBreaks Hotels List Starting From 5K Points A Night Till 4/31

  1. Hi Danny. First glad to “see” you got to imbibe the former Holiday Inn Sunspree before the latest nasty point increase for that venerable property…. (part of the general systematic devaluation going on with the IHG program) But to your comments here, forgive a flat disagreement. Show me any independent forum where the readers concur with your sunny take. In my view, this list is TERRIBLE and confirms worst suspicions from last week. Sure, a few star properties now on the list — but the excitement is gone. …. But from my experiences with the IHG PB program, what we have here is that vast majority of the offerings are merely boring, run-of-the mill properties (Candlewood, IHE, and break-fast list HI) that used to be regular 5k fare — now charging 10k and 15k.

    The death of the once vaunted IHG rewards program is now upon us (and no amount of breezy cut ‘n past from posts of yesteryear will change the facts…..)

    • sigh, sorry for the typos — wish you had a self-edit function.

      Was referring to the Montego Bay HI Sunspree — which had doubled in Points price since I was there just 3 years ago. With all the severe unrest and rioting going on there now (which of course the tourism industry in Jamaica will be desperate to quash), suspect it won’t be long before properties there will be pushing all sorts of sales…. Curious if when you were there if they still had the armed guards at both ends of the beaches…. (round-the-clock) Lots of local reasons to resent the boarding up of Jamaica’s beaches for the tourists…. Paying for all that security no doubt will push up the prices further.

    • I didn’t really look through the whole list and I’m also not an expert on IHG properties so my somewhat rosy view wss more me hoping we would see some good redemptions than actual observation. There could be some good in the for some people of a property they had their eyes on is now 10k or 15k and it wasn’t in the list in the past.

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