8 thoughts on “[Expired] HSBC, Get Up To $750 Checking Account Bonus Nationwide

  1. Experience—horrible. This was my first dip into the bank bonus pool after years of watching. I applied a week before the original deadline. While it took a little effort and help from chat to get the link to work. I was able to finish and get the “I will hear something in a day or two” screen. One day before the original deadline still nothing—so I chat again. They tell me my application was cancelled—they can give no reason and state I must start over. When I inform them acceptance will come after the promotion ends is when they tell me it will be extended. Also, to avoid a closing fee ($25?) the money must stay in the account 6 months, though I think the bonus is awarded at 3 months—a little shady with the various wording in my opinion.

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