How to Get Free Hyatt Explorist Status with Bilt Rewards App

How to Get Free Hyatt Explorist Status with Bilt Rewards App

As part of the upcoming Bilt Rent Day, you can automatically enroll in Explorist status for 90 days, with the opportunity to keep their Explorist status or unlock Globalist status through February 2025. While there are requirement to extend and upgrade your status, the first 90 days of Explorist are free for everyone.

All you need to do is get the free Bilt app, and link your World of Hyatt account. Even if you don’t think of extending the status, it’s worth getting the 90 days of Explorist since it only takes about 30 seconds of work. No credit card is needed and you don’t have to spend a cent. Check out the step-vy-step directions below. 


How to Get Free Hyatt Explorist for 90 Days

Find the World of Hyatt Status in the ‘Rent Day’ tab in the Bilt Rewards app and tap ‘Learn more’ at the bottom.

How to Get Free Hyatt Explorist for 90 Days

Here you will see the details of the promotion. Tap ‘Link or Enroll’.

Tap ‘Unlock World of Hyatt Trial Status’.

Select one of the options. Select ‘Enroll in World of Hyatt’ if you don’t have an account, or ‘Link existing account’ if you already have your World of Hyatt account number. Enter your account number, name and last name when prompted, or go through the signup process first if necessary.

Link your World of Hyatt account. You will see a message that you are registered for the promotion. Tap the ‘X’ on top left corner to close this window.

It’s NOT done! So far you have only linked your accounts. Now you need to activate the promotion. Tap ‘Unlock World of Hyatt Trial Status’ at the bottom of the page. Check ‘I agree’ and tap it again.

All done!!!

You will receive an email as well with the confirmation and details of the promotion. But you don’t have your Hyatt elite status yet. You will receive another confirmation on April 17 of your World of Hyatt Explorist status and enjoy exclusive benefits for 90 days through July 16.

See Rates and Fees, plus Rewards and Benefits.

Disclaimer: I have a business relationship with Bilt Rewards and receive compensation if you apply via links in this article.

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