HELLO Method Debunked – Complete Guide to the HELLO method

Many readers have been messaging us lately asking about the HELLO method. Out of respect for fellow bloggers, we have not written any posts that directly address this little known method.

But now that the HELLO Method has been discussed openly in several spending forums, we think that it’s the proper time to bring it to our readers as well.


It is a PayPal spending method that stands for Have Eachother Laterally Link Others.


For those of you that have PayPal, when you set up the funding account, in addition to funding it through the traditional methods (checking account or credit card), you can also fund it by linking a PayPal Business Debit Master Card belonging to a family member or a close friend. The number of links that you can do is currently unlimited, which brings us to the next question.


Well, as you know, PayPal Business Debit MasterCard gives 1.5% cash back in various purchases, including purchases at CVS. By linking other individuals’ PPBDMC accounts as funding source to your account, each Paypal account will earn 1% for purchases, theoretically creating a loop of accounts piggybacking off each other. So, by linking up 5 friends, you would earn a total of 10% cash back in rewards.

But be aware that PayPal is known for shutting down accounts upon realizing that there is suspicious spending going on. In addition, they usually withhold the funds in your account for up to six months, limiting your ability to withdraw or use the funds for payments.

10 thoughts on “HELLO Method Debunked – Complete Guide to the HELLO method

  1. veryyyyy interesting. thank you for posting this. i’ll do some more digging on my own but it looks like a great tool

  2. I only get 1% for signature purchases using my PPDC, I don’t know when it gave 1.5% CB? I link my pp debit to a paypal credit and it works well for me.

    • I am surprised about that Ellen. Can you do the following: On your Paypal account page, click on the Account Tools which is in a box on the right hand side. Then click on View Summary Details to see your current cash back earnings that are pending, as well as past paid earnings. Then calculate how much cash back you got. That will give you an idea if it’s 1% or 1.5%.

      • I clicked the cash back summary of my PPBDC and I got 1% each month last year 🙁 Maybe it’s because I have a personal account, not premier or business account?

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