Have An Artistic Side? Earn Commission From GiftCards.com

I’m sure you know about GiftCards.com already. It sells $500 Visa gift cards and occasionally there’s shipping discounts that make it a good option for meeting spending requirements. You can read more if you do a search on the upper right corner here in the blog.


What you might not know is that they also have a program called PicPaid. Here you submit your own designs to be used on gift cards purchased by other people. There’s a small commission that is paid to you, every time your designs are used, 15 cents per each card sold with your design.

I submitted two designs, pretty simple ones, about two months ago. I did it mostly for personal use (which stands for attempting to make the Gift Card print on the top right corner less visible). At the time I didn’t even see that there was a commission. About a month and a half later, I received a check for about $25. I wasn’t sure at first what it was, but then figured it out when I checked my PicPaid page at Giftcards.com. Apparently about 150 cards had been sold with my two designs. This one is my best selling design, but I prefer this one better for my purchases. You can also add pictures, such as this.

GiftCards.com Commission.jpeg

The holidays might have had something to do with the volume, bust since then there’s about 80 more cards sold, and I’ll probably make about $10-15 this month. This is not a major income, but those with an artistic side can create much better designs than mine, and earn more.

Please note that payments are issued after reaching at least $20.00 in owed commission. Submit original designs or photos, in good quality images. They take about a week to be approved after submission, or declined.

To access PicPaid just log into your GiftCards.com account and go into “My Account” in the top right corner.

8 thoughts on “Have An Artistic Side? Earn Commission From GiftCards.com

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  3. i guess they sell an insane amount of gift cards since there’s tons of design there and just 2 that you have had 150 sales in a month.

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