Groupon Discount, Save Up To 30% Till 1/30

Groupon has a new promotion that can save you up to 30% when you use promo code OFF at checkout. The promotion is tiered and the more you spend, the more you save.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • $30 off $100 or more
  • $15 off $60 or more
  • $10 off $40 or more
  • $5 off $20 or more

Groupon Discount

Promo code is valid until 1/30/18 and can be used up to three times. Log into your Groupon accounts and you should see a banner with the offer. It’s possible that the promo won’t show for everyone.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

I usually wait for these discounts if I’m planning to make any purchases on Groupon. Don’t forget to go through a shopping portal as well for some extra savings. SimplyBestCoupons is offering 8% if you prefer cash, but you can also earn 8X UR points or 10X AA miles. AAdvantage eShopping Mall is also offering 500 bonus miles when you spend $200.

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