Groupon Discount, Save 25% Today with Code SAVE

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Groupon Discount, Save 25% Today with Code SAVE

There’s a new Groupon promotion today that can save you 25% on your next purchase. You can also use it for things like online courses, wine delivery and more. Just use promo code SAVE at checkout to get this Groupon discount. You can use it 3 times, up to $50 in savings.

Offer Terms

  • Code valid till 5/2/20
  • Valid on 1 unit per transaction
  • Max 3 local deals.
  • Up to $50 discount per use

Guru’s Wrap-up

I usually wait for some kind of Groupon discount if I’m planning to make any purchases. Don’t forget to go through a shopping portal as well for some extra savings. iConsumer is offering 16.5% (in stock and cashback). RebatesMe is the next best choice for 10% cashback. You can also save 10% with a Chase card.

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