GoWallet App Now Allows Gift Card Exchanges


Blackhawk Network, Inc., a leading prepaid and payments network, announced that it is now enabled with exchange services, which allows users to instantly sell their retail, restaurant and a large variety of other brands’ gift cards. Blackhawk owns GiftCardMallCardpool and GoWallet, a website which allows you to track the balances of certain gift cards.

The GoWallet app, will now allow Gift Card Exhanges. You will be able to enter the Gift Card ingo and you’ll be presented with an offer, which you can accept or decline. For now you will get paid with a GiftCardMall e-gift card. The e-gift card can then be used to buy your preferred gift card from GiftCardMall. GiftCardMall does sell Visa Gift Card, with a small processing fee so this might be more of a Gift Card selling option than exchanging. They do mention however that “more cash-out options will be coming soon”, hopefully in the form of cash.

Blackhawk Network’s digital services platform is also announcing the ability to quickly and accurately scan gift cards directly into the wallet platform, using the GoWallet mobile app. The scan and optical character recognition feature utilizes the user’s smartphone camera instead of requiring the manual input of numbers, making uploading of gift cards fast and more convenient.

Currently the app is available for iOS. So I’ll have to wait to try it out, since support for Android is expected to come soon.

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