Google Pixel Settlement, Get Rebate from $20 to $500 (File Claim by 10/7/19)

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Google Pixel Settlement

The defendant and certain resellers sold the first-generation Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones in the United States. The plaintiffs brought a products liability lawsuit against the defendant, alleging that some of these Pixels have a defect that leads to microphone or speaker failures. The defendant denies that any Pixel or Pixel XL is defective and denies that it has any liability to plaintiffs.

Google Pixel Settlement

The Court did not decide in favor of plaintiffs or defendant. Instead, both sides agreed to a settlement. That way, they avoid the costs and risks of a trial, and class members get benefits or compensation. The class representatives and their attorneys think the settlement is best for the class.

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Who’s Eligible?

You are a class member, and are included in the Settlement, if you are in the United States and bought, other than for resale, a new Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone manufactured before January 4, 2017 and did not receive a replacement Pixel manufactured after January 3, 2017 or refurbished after June 5, 2017.

Excluded from the Settlement Class are (a) Google and its officers, directors, employees, subsidiaries, and affiliates; (b) all judges assigned to this case and any members of their immediate families; (c) the parties’ counsel in this litigation.

What Products Are Included?

First-generation Google Pixel or Pixel XL

How Much Do I Get?

The defendant will pay $7,250,000 into a Settlement Fund. After deduction of the costs of notice and settlement administration, any award of attorneys’ fees (up to 30% of the Settlement Fund), litigation costs, and any service awards for the class representatives, the Settlement Fund will be distributed to class members who submit valid claims.

To get money from the Settlement, you must be a class member and file a claim. You can fill out and submit a claim form by clicking the File Claim tab on this website.

  • First, money will be set aside to pay up to $20 to each person who did not experience the alleged audio defect or who cannot provide any documentation to show that they experienced it.
  • Second, people who paid an insurance deductible to receive a replacement Pixel will be refunded the amount of the deductible.
  • Third, people who experienced the alleged audio defect on more than one Pixel will be paid $500 each.
  • Fourth, people who experienced the alleged audio defect on one Pixel will be paid $350 each. That’s unless there is not enough money left to make those payments. In that case, the rest of the fund will be distributed to them on a pro rata basis.

Must submit your Claim Form online or by mail by 10/7/2019.

Do Not Submit False Claims

These settlements enable you to get something back if you were wronged by merchants, manufacturers or other entities. They sometimes reach out to you to let you know that you’re part of a settlement, but that’s not always the case. make sure to check dates and products carefully to see if you’re eligible. You can look here for more settlement rebates that you might qualify for.

Please do not submit fraudulent claims for these settlement rebates. It takes money away from those who deserve a reimbursement, and furthermore it is illegal. You’re usually required to acknowledge something along these lines:

I certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States that all of the information provided on this Claim Form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Settlement Details


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