Google Flights to Offer Price Guarantee for a Limited Time

Google Flights has become the go to site for cheap paid fares. You can easily check prices for different dates and keep track of them as well. You get notifications if prices go up or down, it tells you what a price should be and how the current price compares to it. Plus you get more travel suggestions to go with your flight. Google will also show you how the price has changed over the past few months on some flights, and will even warn you when it expects the price to go up or predicts the price won’t go any lower.

Google Flights Price Guarantee

But Google is not done yet. They are also adding a new feature that will reimburse you if the price for a flight drops, after you book. For a limited time, Google is offering a price guarantee for flights it predicts won’t drop in price. If you book a flight on Google Flights between August 13th and September 2nd with Google’s price guarantee, and the price drops, they will refund you the difference. You don’t even have to keep checking, Google will do the work for you. The feature does not apply to all flights, but if you see it for yours, then you have peace of mind about the price you’re paying.

Other new features include recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and activities at destinations you’re flying in to, and suggestions for which neighborhoods to stay in depending on how much you’ll willing to spend, what you plan to do on your trip, and more. These should all roll out to Google Travel in the coming weeks.

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